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Student Blogging Challenge Week 2: Commenting

Hello everyone,

This week’s theme is commenting.

Challenge 1

Our first challenge was to read Ms Smith’s post and work through the tasks she has asked us to do. This is a link to her post: http://huzzah.edublogs.org/2015/09/28/im-new-here/

In my comment I wrote:

Hi Ms Smith,

I think that the most important commenting guideline is being kind, encouraging and positive because no one likes to be criticised but everyone likes to be complimented. I read Maya’s post on Being a Lunch Monitor. She wrote that it was a great experience but occasionally the grade 2 children that she supervised were slightly annoying. I thought that it was quality blogging because she engaged the reader by making them feel included in a conversation. The comments followed the guidelines, they were kind, positive and included questions to start conversations.


Challenge 2

Our second challenge was to make a video or poster on what we think are superior commenting guidelines. I have chosen to make a poster of my commenting guidelines.

Here it is:

Commenting Guidelines

I have also added it to my new Commenting Guidelines page.

Challenge 3

Our third task was to read 4 other blogs and comment on one of their posts.

Firstly I read Grace’s blog and commented on I lava you because the video on the post is one of my favourites.


I wrote:

Hi Grace,

I loved this video! The song is very catchy and the meaning is beautiful. I think that it is a great video to put on your blog. Where did you first see the video?


Secondly I read Hannah’s blog and commented on her About Me page because I wanted to see what her interests are.


I wrote:

Hi Hannah,

I loved your about me page. You described yourself very thoroughly, and even though I have never met you I know so much about you. What is your favourite subject at school?


Thirdly I commented on Rachel’s Seven Random Facts About Me because her name is also Rachel so I wanted to see if we have anything in common. We do.

http://6rachelds.edublogs.org/2015/10/06/7-random-things-about-me/ – respond

I wrote:

Hi Rachel,

I love your seven random facts about yourself. My favourite flavour in the whole wide world is also chocolate and I love to travel. Who in your family is Egyptian?


Lastly I commented on Lindy’s Teen Skills post because I wanted to find out what teen skills is.

http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/lindy8362021/2015/09/30/teen-skills/comment-page-1/ – comment-5

I wrote:

Hi Lindy,

You must have been very excited to make crepes. I love them too. I love chocolate and bananas on my crepes.  What do you like on yours?


I think that by doing this task I have learnt so much about commenting.