Student Blogging Challenge Week 2: Commenting

Hello everyone,

This week’s theme is commenting.

Challenge 1

Our first challenge was to read Ms Smith’s post and work through the tasks she has asked us to do. This is a link to her post:

In my comment I wrote:

Hi Ms Smith,

I think that the most important commenting guideline is being kind, encouraging and positive because no one likes to be criticised but everyone likes to be complimented. I read Maya’s post on Being a Lunch Monitor. She wrote that it was a great experience but occasionally the grade 2 children that she supervised were slightly annoying. I thought that it was quality blogging because she engaged the reader by making them feel included in a conversation. The comments followed the guidelines, they were kind, positive and included questions to start conversations.


Challenge 2

Our second challenge was to make a video or poster on what we think are superior commenting guidelines. I have chosen to make a poster of my commenting guidelines.

Here it is:

Commenting Guidelines

I have also added it to my new Commenting Guidelines page.

Challenge 3

Our third task was to read 4 other blogs and comment on one of their posts.

Firstly I read Grace’s blog and commented on I lava you because the video on the post is one of my favourites.

I wrote:

Hi Grace,

I loved this video! The song is very catchy and the meaning is beautiful. I think that it is a great video to put on your blog. Where did you first see the video?


Secondly I read Hannah’s blog and commented on her About Me page because I wanted to see what her interests are.

I wrote:

Hi Hannah,

I loved your about me page. You described yourself very thoroughly, and even though I have never met you I know so much about you. What is your favourite subject at school?


Thirdly I commented on Rachel’s Seven Random Facts About Me because her name is also Rachel so I wanted to see if we have anything in common. We do. – respond

I wrote:

Hi Rachel,

I love your seven random facts about yourself. My favourite flavour in the whole wide world is also chocolate and I love to travel. Who in your family is Egyptian?


Lastly I commented on Lindy’s Teen Skills post because I wanted to find out what teen skills is. – comment-5

I wrote:

Hi Lindy,

You must have been very excited to make crepes. I love them too. I love chocolate and bananas on my crepes.  What do you like on yours?


I think that by doing this task I have learnt so much about commenting.


16 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 2: Commenting

  1. Rachel,
    Wow you are working so hard in the challenge, completing all of them every week. I love your commenting poster – would I be able to use it as an example in future challenges?

    1. Thank you Miss W. You can use my poster as an example in future challenges. I really enjoyed designing it.

  2. Hi Rachel
    Another great post. Well done. I particularly like your word chart.
    It’s really good that you are putting so much effort into this task.
    Hopefully you have an extra Chinese flag now?
    Love Dad

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I am so impressed by this post. I think that I have been missing out by not reading your blog regularly all year! I will subscribe. I really hope that you continue as a blogger next year.

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I am also doing the Student Blogging Challenge. This is a fantastci post! It clearly outlines the guidlines of a good comment. I like the poster design because it is simple yet effective! Keep going you are doing really well!


  5. Wow! I really liked how well you formatted this post and the amount of useful details you used to describe it. I hope you continue posting more informative blogs like this one!

  6. I am so pleased you have decided to take part in The Student Blogging Challenge Rachel. I am sure you will learn new blogging skills, as well as be a great example of an excellent blogger to other students, who might be new to student blogging. I love your poster and I think we need to print a copy and laminate it for the classroom.

    Mrs Miller

  7. I really like this blog Rachel, especially your poster. Very creative. Now if I follow your guidelines I guess I have to ask a question. How did you make the word picture ( the words of different sizes) on your poster?
    Love Mum

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