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Hello everyone,

Today is Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day is when people from all over the world write a post on their blog about a set topic. This year the topic is ‘Raise Your Voice’. I have decided to raise my voice about pet cruelty. Why let them suffer when they have done nothing wrong?

I think that pet cruelty is an important issue. Pet cruelty is when a person is violent towards their pet or neglects them (like not feeding them, not taking them for walks or leaving them on the street). Many people hurt or abuse their pets for no reason. Sometimes they may die or be injured because of someone’s violent actions. I believe that animals should NOT be hurt under any circumstances. There is no reason to treat a pet with cruelty. Every pet has their own freedoms:

  1. Being able to access clean water and fresh food
  2. Being able to live in an appropriate environment, with shelter and a bed
  3. The ability to be treated and get properly cared for if they have an injury
  4. The ability to play and have facilities to be able to meet animals of their own kind
  5. Making sure they are not stressed, looking after them and ensuring that they are safe

Pet Creulty Photo

We need to speak up for pets all around the world that are being treated with cruelty. Even though it is illegal to abuse pets, people still do it. In Australia the offenders could be faced with heavy fines or even imprisonment. Every year the RSPCA cares for 127,000 stray, injured or abused animals and receive over 58,000 complaints of neglect or abuse towards their animals. The RSPCA stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Find out more facts and how you can fundraise, donate or buy merchandise to help these animals by visiting the RSPCA website. Their October fundraiser ‘Happy Tails’ is a great way to help. Here is the link: http://www.rspca.org.au/

Please make sure that you look after your pets and if you see someone hurting their pets you can call the RSPCA and make a difference today.

All of this I have obtained from the RSPCA website in Australia. Maybe you could find the organisation in your country which helps to stop neglect and abuse towards pets.

Sign on Pet Cruelty


10 thoughts on “Raise Your Voice

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I love your post and how you are raising your voice for animal cruelty. Good job for participating in something that is a well none topic that needs to stop.
    Keep blogging,

  2. Hi Rachel,
    What a great purpose of a “Raise Your Voice” post! I strongly agree with you that animal cruelty is a horrible thing. I know just how much the RSPCA has to work in order to help animals being treated inhumanely and find them new homes – my mum works every Wednesday for the RSPCA. She does dentistry for animals with poor dental health. She also gets to see all of the animals that come in – she once got a box of eight identical ginger kittens! So cute.

    1. Hi Ella,
      It is amazing that your mum gets to help these animals as her job. It is great we have people like her in our world. I have seen some of the pictures she has taken at work. They are adorable. What is your favourite animal?

  3. Hello Rachel, my name is Sarah. I agree with stopping animal cruelty. They seriously do not deserve it. My family has two dogs and two cats. We take care of them and can’t forget about them. We also take care of strays we find on streets. Please visit me or leave a comment at 2021skc.edublogs. org.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      It is great that you help stray animals on the street. Your family is so kind.
      What was the last animal you helped?

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