Student Blogging Challenge: Food

Hello everyone,

This week’s topic is about food.

Activity 1: 

Write a post on food that is popular in your country.


Damper, otherwise known as soda bread has been around for many years. In the old days of the bush rangers, they used to sit around their campfire cooking damper. Damper has a simple recipe containing:

  • Wheat flour
  • Water
  • A pinch of salt

You mix all of these ingredients together until they form a dough, then you put it on a stick or skewer and cook it over a campfire.


Anzac Biscuits:

Anzac biscuits were eaten by the Australian and New Zealand soldiers during World War 1. Anzac Biscuits were given in their rations as a substitution for bread. Many wives also made and sent it to their loved ones fighting in the war. Its recipe consists of:

  • Rolled oats
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Golden syrup
  • Butter
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Water

If you go on this website you can follow the step by step guide on how to make them:

Although some recipes include coconut it is not how they were originally made. The biscuits do not contain egg so they last longer. That is why they were a great food in war time.


I got my information from:

Activity 2:  

Visit Inside Scoops Taco Tuesday post to learn what their students eat for lunch.  Leave a comment on Taco Tuesday post to let them know what you eat for school lunches in where you live or write a post to share what school lunches are like where you live.

School Lunches

School lunches for me usually contain a:

  • Salad, wrap or sandwich
  • Piece of fruit
  • Packet of crisps or crackers
  • Sweet treat (like a biscuit)

In the summer I would also have a frozen water to cool me down. Occasionally I have a lunch order from the school canteen. I enjoy having:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Tomato sauce
  • Banana bread
  • Chocolate milk

My home prepared school lunches I have in a lunch box and I receive my canteen school lunches in a paper bag.


Activity 3:  

Create a poll or survey and embed it into a post to find out more about the types of foods eaten by your readers.

This is a survey I have created on what you eat:

Activity 4:

Visit at least 5 blogs from countries other than your own. Leave a comment on a post at each blog to ask them questions about food in their country. Now write your own post including the comment you have left and linking to each post you commented on.

Here are the blogs I have visited:

Room 12,
I really enjoyed your post on New Zealand foods.
What are your favourite New Zealand foods?
Rachel. – comment-20

Hi Victoria,
I loved your video on the top 5 Aussie foods.
Are any of these one of your favourite foods?
My favourite is Tim Tams.

Hi Penelope,
I really liked your survey about favourite foods.
What is your least favourite food?
Mine is brussel sprouts.

Hi Sally,
I love your post on food in Korea.
What are the ingredients in Kimchi?

Hi Uliana,
Pranik sounds like a really yummy Russian food.
Do you have a picture of it?

I hope you enjoyed my post about food.


28 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge: Food

  1. Hi Rachel,
    It’s obvious how much thought and time you put into your blog,
    great job and congrats.
    Lucy x

  2. Hi Rachel. Love your blog this week. Food is a great topic! I completed your survey although it did come up with instructions in Chinese. Must have detected I was in Hong Kong. What food are we having when I get home? Love Dad

  3. Hi Rachel, wow that was a very entertaining and thorough post, I love the topic food! Congratulations on getting on the short list, you really deserve it. Your blog’s appearance is great, I love that you have decorated for halloween and your posts are all very entertaining. Good luck with the short list,

    -Charlotte F

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Great job on getting into the finals for the Blogging Awards! I really think that you deserve it and I am so glad that you took part in the Student Blogging challenge! I love that you put in a google form for people to fill in, it really shows that you go that extra mile to make your posts the very best that they can be!
    Love Your Blog!
    -Isabel H

  5. Hi Rachel!
    Congratulations on getting short listed! I wish you the best of luck to get to the next round because i love your blog and you are a great blogger!

  6. Hi, Rachel,
    An interesting post I especially like Anzac Biscuits. I am interested of which is made Golden syrup.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    Congratulations on getting through to the shortlist. It is great how you always post and you always put in so much detail.

  8. G’day Rachel,
    Now that is the correct way to cook damper. We used to do that in Girl Guides when we had to cook a meal over the fire without using utensils. I also cooked an egg in an orange skin in the coals of the fire.

    You are doing a great job with your blog and commenting on other posts of students around the world.

    Remember if you have any students you visit often, you could add a link to their blog onto your sidebar. Go to dashboard> links> add new> fill in their name then their web address and perhaps create a category called student blogs then finally add the link.

  9. I love Anzac biscuits too. Maybe you could make some for us. Interesting post and I particularly liked your food survey.
    Love Mum

    1. Usually damper is eaten with honey but really you can eat it with any topping you would put on your toast.

  10. Hi Rachel,
    speaking of food, I seem to be eating raspberries as I’m typing up this comment. Anyway, back to the main part of the comment. I loved your survey! In some questions, like the favourite food one, I had to do a main course and a desert.
    Did you have trouble deciding which food to choose out of the many, many foods?

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