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Student Blogging Challenge: So Long, Farewell

Hello everyone,

This week is the last week of the student blogging challenge and our task is to evaluate our blogs and the Challenge.

My Blog:

Our task is to write an audit about our own blog then ask someone that may not have read our blog to write an audit. We sit next to them as they navigate through our blogs. They record observations and we write a post about what they found.

My audit:

This year I have written mostly school and blogging challenge based posts. Although occasionally I have written one out of interest. I have a reasonable amount of widgets, not to many and they aren’t too distracting. I enjoy changing the theme of my blog if there is a worldwide celebration. My favourite posts so far have been my Water slide of the Week posts I wrote whilst doing my passion project. I enjoyed these posts because I was able to research my favourite thing in the whole wide world, water slides. I received the most amount of comments when year 6 at my school were voting on the best class blogs.

Mum’s audit:

I love your blog. It is interesting to look at and easy to navigate. The font is simple and easy to read. The photos and pictures captured my attention as well as the blog post titles. The blog is well laid out and easy to follow. There are no distractions, not too many widgets and the posts are not too long. I have no specific improvements. Just keep blogging and enjoy sharing your ideas and passions.

The Challenge:

Our task is to write a comment on the Student Blogging Challenge Blog about the positives, the negatives and the interesting parts. What did we learn? How did we improve?

This is my comment:

Hello Mrs W,

I have really enjoyed the October Challenge. Through doing this challenge I have been able to read many different blogs and become a frequent commenter. I have really enjoyed the activities, my favourite was the celebration task. I loved writing about Halloween since it was just before the event, but it would have been great to do one about Christmas. I have enjoyed reading others blogs on the flipboard magazine and have been able to learn many skills whilst doing the challenge. I really enjoyed making an avatar and discovering many great sites to use when decorating my blog for a special celebration. Thank you so much for running the challenge, I have really enjoyed it and I will definitely participate next year.


CYOA Chapter 3

Hello everyone,

Last week I wrote my second chapter of my Choose You Own Adventure Story. Here is a summary of what happened.

Britney was on a bushwalk and hid behind a tree to see if whatever was making the mysterious noise appeared. She heard nothing so after a while she carried on her walk. Then a brush turkey trotted along the track. Britney follows it into a cave which contained her mum’s lost china teacup and plate, Grace’s bracelet and her own favourite pink and white dotted pen with a flower charm dangling off it.

Here were my options on what could happen next.

Did Britney

a) Pick up her family’s belongings and carry on her walk? (1 vote)

b) Pick up her family’s belongings and run home to tell her mum? (1 vote)

c) Wait to see if anyone goes into the cave to claim the stolen possessions?           (11 votes)

Most of my readers voted for C.

I hope that you enjoy chapter 3.

Chapter 3

Britney peers inquisitively around the edge of the rocky cave to see if there is anyone coming towards her, but there is no-one. After waiting for a while she walks into the nearby vegetation, but she still can’t find the person responsible for the theft. After a long, unsuccessful search she arrives back at the cave. Suddenly from out of the scrub jumps a small, thin looking girl, with long, dark brown, straight hair and sad, brown eyes. Britney watches as the girl steps reluctantly into the cave.

Bm c3 3

Britney realises that this must be the person who took her family’s possessions. She didn’t expect it to be a young frightened girl. As the girl sits gently on the smooth, rocky ground, Britney follows her, remembering to stay in the deep darkness of the shadows. As Britney tip toes quietly she trips on a grey rock, and stumbles to the floor. She freezes. Her heart beats rapidly as she quickly jolts upright.

“Who’s there?” The girl whispers in a choking voice.

Britney doesn’t know how to react to this fretful situation. She doesn’t know whether to say something to this thief or be quiet and try to safely egress the cave without the girl noticing. Finally Britney plucks up the courage and steps out from the darkness.

“Why did you take my family’s belongings?”

“Have you been following me?”

The timid girl looks down at her feet and is so scared and ashamed to tell the truth. Britney wonders if she has been too abrupt and harsh on the girl. After many long minutes of silence the girl reluctantly and calmly clambers up onto her shaking legs.

Before Britney has the chance to grab her she bolts, into the bush as fast her little, limp legs can carry her.

“Wait!” Britney screams.

Now all that Britney can hear of the girl is her pounding footsteps receding into the bush. Britney sprints, listening to the thumping of the girl’s bare feet hitting the root torn ground. Britney runs under low rock faces, around fallen trees lying dead on the ground, through mud pools and rivulets that soak her feet making them damp and cold.

Bm c3   Bm c3 4   Bm c3 2

The footsteps stop. Britney starts to feel shaky and her feet ache with exasperating pain. She doesn’t know where this mysterious girl has disappeared to and now Britney is lost in the expansive bushland. Why had she followed this girl and hadn’t just picked up her possessions and ran? All of a sudden the footsteps start again. Britney carries on running following the noise of the girl ahead. She is gaining on the girl, the footsteps growing louder and louder. Then they stop. There is a piercing scream.


Britney runs into a clearing to see:

a) The girl standing frozen in front of a brown snake.


c) The girl lying motionless on the ground.


CYOA Chapter 2

Hello everyone,

Last week I wrote the first chapter of my Choose Your Own Adventure Story. Here is a brief summary of the chapter:

Britney is an 11 year old girl who has recently emigrated to Australia because her dad believed that they would live a better life. She lives in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales with her mum, dad, younger sister Grace and Pepper her dog. Pepper is still in an Australian quarantine facility and is expected to arrive home tomorrow, so Britney decides to go for a bush walk to pass time. During her walk she hears a rustling and footsteps behind her. When she turns around there is nothing there.

Here were my three options of what could happen next

What does Britney do?

a) Run ahead, away from the mysterious noise (5 votes)

b) Hide behind a tree to see if what is making the noise appears (8 votes)

c) Go back to where the trail forks and take the familiar track (0 votes)

Most of my readers voted for B.

I hope that you enjoy Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Britney is puzzled and frightened. She has no idea what is making the mysterious noise. She decides to be brave and hides behind a tall contorted scribbly gum tree. It has many long deformed branches and she can hear the squawking cockatoos in the high canopies of the trees. The trunk is a light brown colour with splodges and scribbles, as if someone has drawn all over it in a dark brown almost black pen. If she’d looked at all of the trees in the bush from a birds eye view she would have thought that there had been a tragic fire and only some of the trees were back to their original colour. Britney peers around the tree curiously and scans the track. She doesn’t quite understand what is going on but she knows that she wants to find out. She hears another rustle in the bushes and then it abruptly stops. She is so nervous inside she wants to run all the way home but her feet are glued like cement to the hard root covered ground.

Bm 2                Bm 3

After she has stood there for what seems like eternity she convinces herself that it must have been an animal foraging for food. She feels relieved and calmly continues on her way. As she walks she gazes at the breath taking scenery. A glistening spring green stream hurries beside her. A narrow broken wooden boardwalk a few metres in front of her. Little pink and purple blossoming flowers scattered on both sides of the trail. Tall trees swaying frantically above her. The hot sun beating on her back and the cool breeze whipping her hair. Clouds drifting up in the faint blue sky. Hills in the distance covered in a sea of green. She feels at home.

Sweat is dripping down her face and she is so hot that she longs for a drink of water, so she sits down next to the exuberant stream and takes a refreshing, cool drink. At that moment she hears another movement in the scrub. She jumps up immediately.

‘Who is it?”

A cheeky little black and red brush turkey trots out of the spikey green bushes. Britney watches as it toddles across the damp track. Then it disappears into a cave disguised by the vegetation that is growing around it. Britney is really curious so she approaches the cave. She tentatively steps inside. The cave is small with not much space to move around. Then she notices her mum’s lost china teacup and plate, Grace’s bracelet and her own favourite pink and white dotted pen with a flower charm dangling off it. Britney is horrified. She feels a sharp tingle crawl up her back like a spider. Someone has stolen her family’s possessions! Could it really be true?

Bm 1

Does Britney

a) Pick up her family’s belongings and carry on her walk

b) Pick up her family’s belongings and run home to tell her mum

c) Wait to see if anyone goes into the cave to claim the stolen possessions